Monday, June 24, 2013

Ke$ha Concert!!!

For Hope's birthday and also cuz I really really wanted to we went to see Ke$ha in concert! It was Ke$ha and Pitbull but we could care less about Pitbull. Ke$ha was awesome! We loaded up on glitter and dressed Ke$ha style. Hope met me and I drove us to pick up our friends Whitley and Lauren who we were going with. The concert was at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre and it was so hot that day I was scared we were gonna be miserable but it was actually nice because we found a shady spot. Lauren and Whitley met up with other friends so it was just Hope and me singing and dancing to some Ke$ha. Unfortunately, she came out before Pitbull and it was still daylight out which made it hard to see and it didn't feel as concert-like since there were no cool lights and stuff. Still we sung and danced our a$$e$ off and had a great time.

Got that glitter on our eye$

I made my shirt with just some tape and gold glitter spray paint :)

ready to party

 We were excited if you can't tell ;)

 We had fun when Pitbull was on too but I felt like he was on longer than Ke$ha and its annoying because 95% of the songs he plays he's featured in and doesn't even play the whole song. It's dumb. Anyways still a good concert and I am definitely seeing Ke$ha whenever she comes back because I love her!


Having a great $ummer so far ;)

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