Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wyoming Vacation

Wyoming??? Seriously who vacations to Wyoming? Well, we did and it was so much fun! It's basically a Winter Wonderland up in Jackson, Wyoming. Mountains, elk, antelope, snow, snow, and more snow!

We stayed in town in Jackson Hole which is such a cute little town. We did all kinds of fun things...

We played in the snow fort at Jackson Hole ski resort

We went snow tubing! SO much fun! thats me!

We saw moose!

We went to a cool art museum across from the elk refuge

Looking out the window at all the elk

We did a little shopping and walking around town

We went on a sleigh ride at the National Elk Refuge

and man was it cold. brrrr!

The best part of the trip was when I had my snowboarding lesson. I lucked out and got a one on one lesson since I was the only first day beginner there that day. I picked it up fast and did so good! It was so freakin fun! I have no pictures of that day unfortunately :( But I'm going snowboarding again this weekend and I'm sooo excited. It was more fun than skiing and the boots are A LOT more comfortable which is a HUGE plus haha

That's pretty much the gist of the trip. Lanae and Jason went on a snow mobile tour in Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful. How cool is that? That day me and the kids played on the computer and watched some classic kid movies like Matilda and Dunston Checks In :)

Kash was so funny. He kept looking at himself on the screen and saying "baby! Uh oh!"

The end!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Colorado Christmas

Sometimes Santa needs some help. So on Christmas Eve I helped Santa by puppy sitting this precious little puppy since she couldn't go to her new home until Christmas morning.

This little fur ball and me just layed on the couch and she slept on me....ALL DAY! 
Such a cute little lap puppy.

Later that night after Christmas Eve dinner with the Davis family I got some mail from my most favorite Birmingham kiddos...
and it made me cry like a baby. They are all so cute and getting so big and I just lost it when I saw this.
I miss them. A LOT.

Christmas Morning

I was very excited because we were planning to go skiing on Christmas. I was awake pretty early since Santa had to come pick up the puppy. Well, I walked into the house and immediately found out that Lanae was sick and throwing up. BUMMER! There goes skiing :( So we opened presents...

Meadow with all of her and Kash's presents except for her new bike.

Meadow and myself rode our bikes around the neighborhood and Skyped with my family a few times that day. Meadow fell in love with my nephew Logan in about 2.5 seconds and kept asking "Where's Logan?" She's only 5 and already boy crazy. Fun teenage years are in store for the Davis family haha.

Later that afternoon Jason, me and the kids went over to their friends house. It was the friend that got the puppy for Christmas. I was excited because I already missed that little girl. They named her Ginger. Kash was the cutest thing playing with her. I think he was so excited about seeing a Kash size puppy since he's used to his big Snoop dog, who is a lab. Kash would just look at her and laugh and when she'd run towards him and he almost looked scared, too. It was hilarious. And then when Meadow and the puppy's mom, Maddie, would pick her up Kash would get mad and kinda yell like "no that's my puppy" It was so funny.

So Christmas was good even though I wasn't in Alabama and even though we didn't get to go skiing. My best present was the first thing I opened that was stuffed in my stocking.
Yep! Jason and Lanae got me lessons for a day. I finally get to learn to snowboard! I'm SO excited. We leave this Saturday for a week long vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's going to be so pretty. I can't wait! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our 1st REAL snow :)

Thursday we went skiing. It was already snowing at the house before we left for the mountains. The trip was going fine until we were getting ready to leave. Kash fell from a chair, hit his head and started throwing up so we ended up in the emergency room...

He was fine and we were able to leave after a couple hours. We drove home through what was almost a blizzard. You literally couldn't see 5 feet in front of the car with the blowing snow. We were getting closer and closer to home but it felt like we were still in the mountains because it had been snowing all day and there was snow on the streets and houses. It was dark and I was tired and couldn't wait to wake up and see how pretty everything would be.

New Years Eve

Poor Kash's little hands were freezing. He kept falling and his mittens would come off so he'd look at me and hold his hand out like "Fix it" So cute :)

Then me and Snoop went for a walk...
He loves the snow as much as Kash and Meadow

SOOOO pretty! I love it here :)

I think 2011 is gonna be a great year. Happy New Year Everyone!