Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Dave and I woke up earlier than normal to go relax by the pool in our apartment complex for the first time. We layed out for a few hours and then we left to get ready for our friends Hope and Jordan to come over and grill out on our new grill!

This is Hope and Jordan

Ok, ok so that's not really them. I have been addicted to the app Face Swap and this is actually Hope's face on Jordan's body and vice versa. Ha! Jordan doesn't make a very attractive girl-I think it's the mustache ;)

and this is actually them :)

We had a fun night together. Grilling out and laughing our faces off and watching The Hot Chick.

I absolutely love Sundays. Dave and myself spent the majority of the day lounging around and snuggling on the couch. We had to rest up for our 10k the next day even though Sunday usually is our lazy day of the week anyways. We did go for a short bike ride and that was nice. 

Sunday night we went to babysit Payton and Grant. They are the cutest. Payton is so smart and cute and she loves Dave. We played hide and seek and that's always entertaining with a 3 year old. Grant was just in the best mood ever. He was just smiling and playing the whole time before bed.

Dave and Grant
so stinkin cute!-both of them :)

Dave and Payton


Monday-Memorial Day
We woke up early and headed to Boulder for the Bolder Boulder 10k(6.2 miles). We met Erika and she rode with us. It was a gorgeous day. This was mine and Erika's 2nd year doing it. It's such a fun run. There are sooo many people, but it's so well organized that you can park and get to the start line with no problem and traffic isn't bad getting there or leaving which is awesome for so many people running.

Us at the Start Line

and us after we finished

so proud of Dave for finishing his first 10k!

all of us at CU stadium after we finished

After the race we went over to Erika's and relaxed in the pool. And man did it feel amazing. We just floated around and didn't want to move for a few hours. Then we had grilled out hamburgers for dinner and it was delicious. 

 Dave jumping off the diving board

laying on the trampoline

After Dave and me left Erika's we went to Good Times to get a frozen custard spoonbender. I mean we deserved it after our run, right? It was delicious.

Such a good long weekend with my love. I wish we could spend even more time together than we already do. I can never see him enough, but I am so thankful for all the time we do get to spend together because it is a whole lot more than a lot of couples out there. 

Friday my nephew Connor is coming to visit from Alabama. He just graduated high school. Yes! High school! I now have a college aged nephew. Man that makes me feel old! haha I can't wait for him to get here. Lots of adventures to be had.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hiking, Rockies game, and a Lazy Sunday

This past weekend was full of fun. Friday night Dave and me went to his Mom's chorale show. They sang songs from movies and tv shows. My favorite was the Friends theme song(duh!) and the songs from Grease.

Saturday Dave and me woke up early-which is super rare for Dave considering he would sleep til 3PM if I would let him. We headed down south of Denver to hike at Castlewood Canyon State Park. It was a great day for it. The weather was warm but not too hot since it was cloudy that morning. We hiked about 9 miles and then headed home.

Saturday night we went to the Rockies game. Dave, Erika and me met Jordan, Hope and her son Kyler and headed down to the game.

This is little Kyler. He is precious.

This was taken last year around the same time at the Braves vs. Rockies game.
 He has grown up so much!

The view of downtown Denver from Coors Field.

I love the view of the mountains from the field. So beautiful.

After we got bored of the game Dave, Erika and me decided to walk down to The Cheesecake Factory and get some cheesecake. It was a hilarious time. I was hyper and laughing so hard I cried. haha. Ian met us there and after cheesecake we headed home. Ian and his date came over and we all sat at the table and had some beer and it was fun.

We were up really late so Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We enjoyed cuddling on our new sectional and playing Super Mario World on Super Nintendo-yea it was awesome :)

This next weekend is a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day! Dave, Erika and me are all running in the Bolder Boulder on Monday. Looking forward to another great weekend! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Summer!

It's been a long time since I've updated this thing but I've been busy. I went back to school this past semester to take a couple classes I need for Nursing school out here in Colorado. And when I wasn't studying I was working my new job watching 2 of the cutest kids in the world...

meet Payton(3)
and Grant(1)

But what I was doing majority of the time was spending time with the man of my dreams. 
My amazing boyfriend David or as I call him Dave :)

I have never been so happy in my entire life. My previous relationships do not even compare to this one. He is the one. He makes me laugh like no one else. He is the sweetest man and he takes such good care of me. I honestly have no idea where I would be without him and I am beyond happy knowing that I will never have to find that out. I am keeping him forever. Sorry ladies. You missed out.

I decided this Summer I will be updating this a lot more. I am officially starting Nursing School this Fall and I intend on having the best summer of my life so far. I want to remember it so I'm going to try to update the blog a good bit. 

Another precious face that will probably be on the blog a lot is 
Finneas aka Finn
The family that Erika works for adopted him back in March. He is so attached to Erika and is basically hers now. He is an Australian labradoodle and is so cute and fluffy you just can't help but say "Aww!" when you see him. He will be joining us a lot this summer on hikes and stuff for sure.

That's all for today but more will be coming soon.