Monday, June 24, 2013

Ke$ha Concert!!!

For Hope's birthday and also cuz I really really wanted to we went to see Ke$ha in concert! It was Ke$ha and Pitbull but we could care less about Pitbull. Ke$ha was awesome! We loaded up on glitter and dressed Ke$ha style. Hope met me and I drove us to pick up our friends Whitley and Lauren who we were going with. The concert was at Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre and it was so hot that day I was scared we were gonna be miserable but it was actually nice because we found a shady spot. Lauren and Whitley met up with other friends so it was just Hope and me singing and dancing to some Ke$ha. Unfortunately, she came out before Pitbull and it was still daylight out which made it hard to see and it didn't feel as concert-like since there were no cool lights and stuff. Still we sung and danced our a$$e$ off and had a great time.

Got that glitter on our eye$

I made my shirt with just some tape and gold glitter spray paint :)

ready to party

 We were excited if you can't tell ;)

 We had fun when Pitbull was on too but I felt like he was on longer than Ke$ha and its annoying because 95% of the songs he plays he's featured in and doesn't even play the whole song. It's dumb. Anyways still a good concert and I am definitely seeing Ke$ha whenever she comes back because I love her!


Having a great $ummer so far ;)

Connor's Visit Part II

The second weekend Connor spent with us we went down to the Royal Gorge and went white water rafting. We arrived at the place after a 3+ hour drive and got our life jackets on and helmets and it got really windy and then started storming before we loaded up the van. We went inside and our guide told us about safety and everything and at this point I was thinking there is no way this is happening. It's raining like crazy outside and its windy and theres thunder! Well it died down a little and we loaded up to head down to where we were going to start rafting. By the time we got to where we were getting in it had stopped raining but started up a little bit right before. But the crazy thing is that literally right when we got on the raft it stopped raining and just cleared up and ended up being a beautiful day! And it was so much fun! Erika and me were nervous about falling out because of the way the guide talked about the rapids but we never came close to that. It was a lot of fun :)

The next day we went up to Granby to go horseback riding. I was sore from rafting and we were on horses for almost 2 hours so I was hurting pretty bad but it was still fun. Dave was nervous about riding horses and of course he got the crazy one. His horse knocked over a trash can while Dave was on him before we even started the ride!

Us with our horses...




a pic of all of us taken by our guide :)

We had a great time while our nephew was here. Hope he comes back soon! He will have to let his aunts teach him to snowboard next time :) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Connor's Visit Part I

My nephew, Connor, just graduated high school. Yeah I have an 18 year old nephew! Crazy! So as a graduation/birthday gift my parents sent him out here to Colorado for 10 days to spend some time with his awesome aunts :)

We did a lot of stuff! It was so fun but exhausting. He flew in on Friday and that evening Erika had a softball game but that next Saturday we drove up into the mountains to Estes Park and went into Rocky Mountain National Park to drive up Trail Ridge Road-the highest continuous paved road in the United States. It is closed in the winter and opens Memorial Day weekend. We were up there the weekend after and there was so much snow it felt like we were in another country.

Erika, Connor and me

After freezing on top of the mountain we headed back down into Estes where it was green and warm.

For dinner we went to our favorite place in Estes called Mama Rose's. It's italian and delicious. We all ordered the same tri colored pasta and and yummy bread and salad too. It was delicious!!!

After dinner we went to The Stanley Hotel which is supposed to be haunted.

Since it's haunted we decided to take a picture of us making scary faces behind this window. We'd done it before and it was hilarious because the second we stand there to try and be serious Erika starts dying out laughing and can't keep a straight face for a second! The same thing happened this time. We did end up getting one pic of her serious but I like this one where she is cracking up the best. 
Silly Titer!
After we left Estes Park we decided to drive up the mountains to this spot where there is a beautiful overlook of the mountains and watch the sunset. We made it to the spot in the nick of time to see the sun setting behind the mountains. Then we took lots of goofy pics. 
This is us doing the duck face-and again Erika couldn't stop

Sunday we spent the day in Denver. We ate brunch at the most delicious little place called Jelly Cafe. They have amazing everything. Twas delicious.

Then we walked around 16th Street Mall. And we had our photographer Erika take our kissy pic :)

The next off day I had Connor, Erika and I went hiking in Boulder. We did the Royal Arch trail. It is a hard hike all uphill but when you finally make it to the Arch it really is worth it.

This is the view from the top where the arch is, oh, and a chipmunk. This little guy came right up to us. Erika was ecstatic. She had been trying to get a picture of a chipmunk for days and they never stayed still long enough. This guy was very cooperative. So cute too :)

Us with the arch in the back

After working up an appetite hiking we went to Casa Bonita for dinner. I picked up Dave when he got off work and we met Erika and Connor there. 

We enjoyed unlimited amount of mexican food and the cliff divers and the corny as ever skits they put on while you're eating.

And we took another pic outside of Casa Bonita to add to our collection. 
I love him so much.

To be continued...