Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Day at Denver Zoo

So while my sister, Erika, was here we went to the zoo with this precious little boy...

Kash is little. Smaller than a penguin apparently

This was by the bears. They were my favorite. 
They were eating pumpkins and playing and being entertaining unlike the sleeping polar bear.

Kash's hand compared to a bear's paw print. I love this pic.

Ok, so they really love animal statues in this city. Not just at the zoo. Wait, you'll see.

Kash on a baby hippo statue.

Kash really liked Erika. I think the feeling was mutual.

We went back by the playful bears where I took this awesome action shot after they were wrestling in the water.

Our sister bracelets we got for $1 at Claire's. 
I wear the E she wears the K AWWWW! I know :)
more animal statues...
This is outside the ice skating rink. (not at the zoo)
You may ask why there are several horse statues outside of an ice skating rink. Yea, I don't know. But they were fun to play on. They had this huge one all 3 of us fit on and little Kash size ones too. They also would "neigh" when you walk by.

And this is at Cherry Creek Mall. Swans flying into a fountain? They had more random animals here, too but this is the only picture I have.

So the zoo was fun. It's HUGE! My feet were so tired afterward cuz we had to see everything. And they're expanding it too so it's gonna get even bigger. Did you know Denver zoo is the greenest zoo in America? Well, it is. Denver is all about being green, and biking, and animal statues.

We did a lot while Erika was here. This is just a fraction of it. I may post more later.
This was up in Boulder...
miss you titer :( 
come back really soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday Part I

Birthday started out great when I got my first presents from my Mom and Dad. They pretty much did a perfect job with the gifts this year.

How cute is that watch and those earrings?! Real cute.

Ok, so I might be easy to buy for considering all it takes to make me happy is anything houndstooth/Alabama. I can't forget the best birthday present my Dad got me before I left for Colorado...

Houndstooth luggage :)
Which was a great way to make me really, really want to fly back to Bama to use it. I'll always accept bribes if they're this cute :) Not like I wouldn't visit before, but now I'll be stylin' through the airport.

Thursday before my birthday my new family took me out for a birthday dinner with them. And by family I mean the family I'm working for/living with here. They're basically awesome. And Laura came, too. She's the nanny I took over for here. She's still living in Denver, but her nanny time just came to an end :( I know how she feels. So she came along to celebrate....annoying! Just kidding she's awesome.

We ate at Hacienda Colorado. It was YUMMY. They gave me a sweet card and a picture of my present. Which is houndstooth snow boots!!! They are super cute and I'll post a pic as soon as they're here :)

Too much birthday stuff to talk about so I'll post more later.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wonderful week so far

The other day Adam came over and surprised me with flowers :) He knows I only like flowers by surprise and not on special occasions so he did good.

They pretty up my room

On Tuesday I took Kash to the rec center where they have this awesome play area for kids. It hangs from the ceiling. Super cool!

He would've probably stayed on this bridge the entire time if I'd let him. He loved it!

And today we went to baby story time at the library. There was a special guest lady today and she played this crazy string instrument and then she played spoons. Yea spoons! She held two in her hand and would hit them on her knee, or hand, mouth, or fingers and it was totally cool.

Then we came home and had lunch

Watch this video. Kash speaks baby Chinese. It's the cutest thing. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

That's what I love about Octoberrrr

WOOHOO! Best month of the year is finally here! Who doesn't love October? seriously? No one!

I love it because...

The leaves change

you can watch scary movies! I love them!

Halloween candy!

Candy corn! My favorite!

Haunted Houses

Carving pumpkins 
how hilarious is this I totally wanna make that middle pumpkin

And my birthday is in a week!

Happy October everyone! ROLL TIDE!!!