Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday Part I

Birthday started out great when I got my first presents from my Mom and Dad. They pretty much did a perfect job with the gifts this year.

How cute is that watch and those earrings?! Real cute.

Ok, so I might be easy to buy for considering all it takes to make me happy is anything houndstooth/Alabama. I can't forget the best birthday present my Dad got me before I left for Colorado...

Houndstooth luggage :)
Which was a great way to make me really, really want to fly back to Bama to use it. I'll always accept bribes if they're this cute :) Not like I wouldn't visit before, but now I'll be stylin' through the airport.

Thursday before my birthday my new family took me out for a birthday dinner with them. And by family I mean the family I'm working for/living with here. They're basically awesome. And Laura came, too. She's the nanny I took over for here. She's still living in Denver, but her nanny time just came to an end :( I know how she feels. So she came along to celebrate....annoying! Just kidding she's awesome.

We ate at Hacienda Colorado. It was YUMMY. They gave me a sweet card and a picture of my present. Which is houndstooth snow boots!!! They are super cute and I'll post a pic as soon as they're here :)

Too much birthday stuff to talk about so I'll post more later.

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  1. Hey now! I read your blog!!! haha jk. I'm glad you had a good bday!