Friday, August 5, 2011


13.1 miles. Do you know how far that is? Sure when you're driving it's not that far at all...but RUNNING...oh my gosh. When Erika came to visit back in July we did our first Half Marathon together. That's right. We ran 13.1 miles!

We arrived at the packet pickup location and got in line to be shuttled approx 13 miles up the road. It was pretty cold since it was up in the mountains. Oh and I was wearing one of my Alabama shirts and got 2 "Roll Tides!" before the race even started. And then another "Nice shirt!" during the race. It was so cool to hear that being that I'm in Colorado and still in the presence of Bama fans. hah.

So we had been hydrating like crazy with water and powerade and both of us had to pee before the race. Well we weren't the only ones. There were like 20+ port-o-potties and a line of like hundreds of people...literally. Well we only had about 20ish minutes before the 8am start. We couldn't get out of line. And of course we had picked the slowest one. I thought Erika was gonna die cuz she had to pee so bad but she was surrounded by other ladies doing the "pee dance" as well lol. There were just a few people in front of us and we heard the gun go off and the race started. It was ok though because by the time we made it to the start line people were still crossing the start line.

And we're had warmed up nicely and was prob upper 60s if not warmer. I remember the sign for mile 3 and being like omg I have 10 more miles to go....each mile after that seemed to come faster than those first 3 though. The scenery was amazingggg. It was a beautiful day and the mountains looked so pretty. I couldn't wait to see the Mile 12 sign. But after I did I wanted to die. It was the worst mile of the entire race. You had to just keep turning around corner after corner and praying that this corner you would run around it and see the finish line...but no it went on FOREVER. I kinda wanted to cry. Then FINALLY I saw my sister :) I've never been happier to see her in my entire life. She was waiting at the Finish Line for me. I crossed the finish line and they gave me one of those cheap frozen popsicles and it was seriously the best thing I'd ever tasted. lol. After that I drank water like crazy and we passed out in the grass. We both felt like death. It took about 3 days for us to be like "ok that was fun I wanna do another one"

Pre-race :)

the start line. 

Me crossing the Finish Line! WOOHOO! Oh and my actual time was 3:07 NOT 3:17 :)

laying on the grass...resting/trying not to die

Half Marathon Finisher!!! Roll Tide!

Erika and me after the race! 
Oh the laughs that this picture has brought

And this is what I get to put on my car for finishing. A 13.1 sticker

Yea it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But I'm glad I did it. I'll do a few more halfs before I try a full marathon of 26.2 miles...jeez it'll be a while before that happens.