Monday, June 24, 2013

Connor's Visit Part II

The second weekend Connor spent with us we went down to the Royal Gorge and went white water rafting. We arrived at the place after a 3+ hour drive and got our life jackets on and helmets and it got really windy and then started storming before we loaded up the van. We went inside and our guide told us about safety and everything and at this point I was thinking there is no way this is happening. It's raining like crazy outside and its windy and theres thunder! Well it died down a little and we loaded up to head down to where we were going to start rafting. By the time we got to where we were getting in it had stopped raining but started up a little bit right before. But the crazy thing is that literally right when we got on the raft it stopped raining and just cleared up and ended up being a beautiful day! And it was so much fun! Erika and me were nervous about falling out because of the way the guide talked about the rapids but we never came close to that. It was a lot of fun :)

The next day we went up to Granby to go horseback riding. I was sore from rafting and we were on horses for almost 2 hours so I was hurting pretty bad but it was still fun. Dave was nervous about riding horses and of course he got the crazy one. His horse knocked over a trash can while Dave was on him before we even started the ride!

Us with our horses...




a pic of all of us taken by our guide :)

We had a great time while our nephew was here. Hope he comes back soon! He will have to let his aunts teach him to snowboard next time :) 

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