Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slow days...

Ya know those days where its exactly like every other day...except it goes by much, much slower for no apparent reason? Yea?? Well today was one of those days for me. But now that I'm off work it will inevitably go by much faster. Especially since now I live in Colorado and 5 minutes from my boyfriend :) :) :) I used to get off work, drive home, and be too exhausted to do anything. Not to mention I lived pretty far from most of my friends who'd even be available to hang out and a thousand plus miles from my boyfriend... Thank God those days are over :)

Anyways, Colorado is wonderful so far and every day I see those mountains I still can't believe I live here now. I'm SO lucky to have found another wonderful family to work for with awesome kids. BUT I sure do miss my Birmingham babies...

Sweet Sara Lane

smiley Nick

I skyped with them last week and it almost made me cry when I would say to Sara Lane "I miss you" and she would reply "Miss you Kissa" oh how I miss hearing her call me Kissa every day.

look at that face! I just wanna squeeze it :)

And then there's big brother Hoke. By far the funniest 6 year old I've ever met. He always cracked me up with his one of a kind dance moves and his beat boxing.

being bad and playing with our food :)

on my last day :( 

before I drove home for the last time and cried the whole way...

All good things come to an end I guess. I can't wait to see them again, but I know I'll be sad when I see how much they've grown. But I am so happy to finally be where I've wanted to be for so long :)

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