Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Weekend

Friday night Adam took me to dinner and a movie. The plan was to see Going the Distance(the movie about a long distance relationship) but it wasn't playing anymore so instead we went to see this.

I had seen so many commercials for it and thought it looked pretty funny and it was pretty hilarious. I definitely will own this when it comes out on DVD.

Saturday we went up to beautiful Estes Park. Not just us, but about half the state of Colorado joined us. I've never seen it so crowded. Traffic was crazy and once in the park there were people parked everywhere. Parking lots were full and so were the sides of the streets. It was crazy. The guy at the gate told us it was free day...when normally its $20 a day(We have an annual pass though) We didn't know if he was just saying it was free day but quickly realized he wasn't kidding after we got in the park. We ate our subs from Jersey Mike's aka best sub place everrr and then attempted to hike. The altitude literally killed me and I was so out of breath and I was walking sooo slow. So we found some nice rocks to lay on and enjoy the perfect weather.

Doesn't it look so fall-ish?

yes, we're cute ;)

So we were heading home and I was dying to know about the Bama game...and was so proud of myself for not checking my phone and finding out who won. I had it recorded so when we got back to my place we began watching it. Well, I finished that game in under an hour because I was fast forwarding through all the crappy parts. Which you know if you watched it that Bama was sucking for a lot of that game. Adam finally got to see how serious I was about my team and I scared him with how intense I was with yelling at the TV and covering my eyes with a pillow when I couldn't stand to watch our 3rd downs. But WE WON so I was happy! Roll Tide!

Sunday we were SUPPOSED to go to church but Adam's lazy butt wanted to sleep instead. Then we went to get some yummy lunch at 

After lunch we went to the mall and Adam bought some new clothes and then I got a Wetzel Pretzel

Then we went back to his place and watched football and then made dinner. It was a pretty great weekend :)

AND this weekend is going to be even better because I discovered! Which basically is for Alabama fans who live in Denver. They meet at this bar on Saturdays and watch the Alabama games! YAY! We are going this weekend! Hopefully Adam will see that I'm not as crazy as some Bama fans out there :)

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