Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hiking, Rockies game, and a Lazy Sunday

This past weekend was full of fun. Friday night Dave and me went to his Mom's chorale show. They sang songs from movies and tv shows. My favorite was the Friends theme song(duh!) and the songs from Grease.

Saturday Dave and me woke up early-which is super rare for Dave considering he would sleep til 3PM if I would let him. We headed down south of Denver to hike at Castlewood Canyon State Park. It was a great day for it. The weather was warm but not too hot since it was cloudy that morning. We hiked about 9 miles and then headed home.

Saturday night we went to the Rockies game. Dave, Erika and me met Jordan, Hope and her son Kyler and headed down to the game.

This is little Kyler. He is precious.

This was taken last year around the same time at the Braves vs. Rockies game.
 He has grown up so much!

The view of downtown Denver from Coors Field.

I love the view of the mountains from the field. So beautiful.

After we got bored of the game Dave, Erika and me decided to walk down to The Cheesecake Factory and get some cheesecake. It was a hilarious time. I was hyper and laughing so hard I cried. haha. Ian met us there and after cheesecake we headed home. Ian and his date came over and we all sat at the table and had some beer and it was fun.

We were up really late so Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We enjoyed cuddling on our new sectional and playing Super Mario World on Super Nintendo-yea it was awesome :)

This next weekend is a 3 day weekend for Memorial Day! Dave, Erika and me are all running in the Bolder Boulder on Monday. Looking forward to another great weekend! 

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