Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Questions

1. Where has the time gone??? 
It's a week til Christmas! Time has flown since I moved. Sadly, I won't be in Alabama with my family for Christmas. Thanks to way over priced airplane tickets who knows when I'll be back. It's gonna be so weird being away from my family. I miss them.

2. Where is the snow???
I thought at least I'll get a white Christmas this year since I'm in Colorado. Well that sure doesn't look like its gonna happen unless I'm in the mountains. We've gotten no snow more than a dusting since Veteran's Day and even then it was just a couple inches. This time last year they had 25+ inches by now. It's been snowing like crazy up in the mountains but it seems impossible to get any in Denver....stupid. I know it'll happen sooner or later but I'm still anxious.

I went skiing last weekend. Ahh skiing how I love it. I busted my face pretty good like 4 times. It had been snowing and was super powdery snow so when you fell it didn't hurt at all. I had so much fun even though by the end of 2 runs down the slope my muscles were dying. I can't wait to go again. Kash was super cute in the snow. He LOVED it.

Meadow was having fun in it, too

My new family. Kash, Jason, Lanae, and Meadow
They're awesome.

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