Monday, November 15, 2010

The sweetest kids ever

Last week Hoke's mom sent me this picture message of Hoke and a little something he drew...

He said he drew me and him and the babies and put it on pink paper cuz it's my favorite color. The best part is that she said he did it all on his own. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes.

I miss Nick
aka Niiiiick aka Nick Nick aka Sweet boy aka Nickalicious
I miss those days when he was so tiny and would just sleep in my arms all day long. I miss his deep baby laugh when you would tickle him. I miss how he would kick his legs and smile when I would get to work in the morning. I miss walking in his room after his nap and he would be standing up and just smile when he saw me. I miss him a lot.

I miss Sara Lane
aka Sissy aka Pretty Girl
I miss watching her scoot across the floor on her bottom before she could walk. I miss her saying "no" to every question I asked. The cutest no I've ever heard. "Did you sleep good?" "No" I miss teaching her to say please("peas"), thanks("tanks") yes ma'am and no ma'am because there was one day I went to get her out of her crib after her nap and I asked "Did you sleep good? and she said "yes ma'am" and I almost died from her cute-ness. I miss her singing her Abcd's, as she called them. I miss singing wheels on the bus. I miss watching "Mickey ouse" and singing Diego to her and her singing along saying "Egooo Egooo GO Ego GO" So much I miss. But most of all I miss being called Kissa. I'll never forget the first day she said it. I had been trying and trying to get her to say it. I had been off for a few days and in Colorado and the first day I got back to work I was changing her diaper and I pointed to myself and said "Kissa" and then she said it. And from that day on she said it all the time. She'd wake up from her naps and start calling my name "Kissa! Kissa!" It melts my heart. Gosh I miss her.

I miss Hoke
aka Hokey(as named by Sara Lane)
I miss watching ICarly with him. I miss playing Madden on the Wii. I miss playing Wii tennis and him almost always beating me. I miss riding on the golf cart and singing crazy songs with him. I miss him dancing and beat boxing. I miss building forts. I miss singing "Life is a Highway" every time we were in my car. And I also miss him singing the Eclipse soundtrack with me cuz we listened to that a lot :) I miss his goofy 6 year old boy self.

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