Friday, July 11, 2014

Lots of Free Food. Build A Bear. Slurpee!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A and if you are dressed like a cow then you can get a free meal. A whole meal! FOR FREE! So yea we had to get in on that action. Erika made costumes for her and the girls that she nannies for now and I made mine.

You like my sign? :) I came up with it all by myself

Erika picked me up at 9 and we went to the Chick-Fil-A by my house for breakfast. I think there was just one other family dressed up and then another came in later. But everyone thought we were so cute. 

Cuz we were!

After our free breakfast we headed to Flatirons Mall to go to Build A Bear because the Ninja Turtles came out today and you can build your own! The girls had never been to Build A Bear and they were so cute making their bears. There were a few people in front of us and all of them had a ninja turtle in their arms. Turtle Power! :)

Me and Lil Donnie

Erika and Lil Leo

It's funny that every kid we saw that was building a turtle also had on a ninja turtle shirt 

After we built our "bears" the girls played at the indoor play place at the mall for a while and then we headed to a different Chick-Fil-A for a free lunch.

There were way more people dressed up at this Chick-Fil-A and there was a real Chick-Fil-A cow there.

Then we got in the car and headed to 7-11 for free slurpee day!

Such a fun day :) I love acting like a kid 

Earlier this week Dave and me got to have dinner with the kids I used to nanny for in Alabama. They were heading out of Denver after being in Crested Butte for a wedding over the weekend. It is so crazy seeing how big they've gotten. When I was their nanny Nick had like no hair and was just a little baby and now he's almost 5 and has a head full of hair. 

On Sunday I watched Kash and Meadow who I nannied for when I first moved to Colorado. Kash just turned 5 and Meadow is almost 9. SO CRAZY! I can't believe I've lived in Colorado almost 4 years.

I just randomly decided to curl Meadow's hair and then when her mom got home she said the birthday party she was going to later that day was a Hollywood Glam theme so that worked out perfect. She looked so cute.

Tonight after I babysit Erika, Dave and me are driving to South Dakota for some adventuring this weekend. I'm excited :)

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