Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Summer :)

It's finally here! The season I've been so excited for since I moved to Colorado. A beautiful, HOT, NOT HUMID, Summer. Man this weather is amazinggg! Hot enough to swim. Not so hot that you sweat from simply standing outside for .2 seconds. I do NOT miss humidity.

I've been having a wonderful, crazy, busy time so far this Summer with the Davis household.

If you didn't already know. This is Kash. He turns 2 on Saturday. 
Yes, he is really cute. And it's a good thing because he is a handful. Welcome terrible twos :)

and this is Kash's big sister, Meadow
Yes, she is really cute as well...also a handful :)

i LOVE them!

Today we played in the pool and had a blast making silly faces while Meadow's friend was here
^that's their "angry" faces

silly faces

yea that's the greatest silly face I've ever made EVER. Awesome.

cutest towel burrito I've ever seen

last but not least. Roll Tide Roll!!!
Thanks to "Gehka" aka Erika for Kash's Alabama shirt :)

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